About Transportation Management Group

Behind virtually every successful business stands a strong transportation and supply chain operation.  From manufacturers to distributors, fleets to retailers, a vibrant and healthy supply chain carries more than just products.  Strong supply chains carry success.

The Transportation Management Group (TMG) was founded on the philosophy of creating strong and healthy supply chain operations.  Since 1997 the professionals at TMG have built a reputation for delivering transportation and supply chain solutions that create cost savings while improving visibility and efficiency.

The unique approach of TMG is centered on first understanding their customer and the unique needs of individual operations.  Then the TMG methodology leverages industry best practices and benchmarks with their vast knowledge to deliver cost savings and solid solutions that will positively impact your operations.

It is easy for consulting companies to fall in line with the typical sales centric approach.  TMG steps out of the crowd by keeping a customer centric focus along with an unbiased and objective review of solutions.  TMG takes the time to do all of the research so that your company can make the most informed and appropriate decision to solve supply chain challenges.

The TMG team is well-rounded and ready to take on any supply chain issue – and deliver measurable results.

Don Dovgin

Don brings to the team a wealth of knowledge on network strategies, optimization, MRO, operations, and fleet management.  Don applies industry best practices as part of the TMG implementation process.  The unique ability for Don to use root cause analysis to dig into problems and find the right solutions makes Don a valuable part of the TMG team.

Through participation in associations such as the Traffic Club of Chicago, International Air Cargo Association and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Don is able to stay on top of industry trends and apply common sense to TMG projects and implementations.

Don’s solutions approach is highly methodical, applying strong analytical skills to research the cause of supply chain issues as well as evaluating all of the alternative solutions.  While staying attuned to the unique customer needs, Don balances industry best practices and benchmarks to find a solution that fits the business.

When not working on projects for TMG clients, you can find him working on projects at home. After relocating a bathroom to make way for a bigger kitchen, he feels no limits on his home improvement skills.

With a focus on best practices and root cause analysis, Don is uniquely qualified to perform detailed assessments and conduct productive strategy sessions with customers.

Larry Myers

Larry MyersTMG has a wealth of experience with Larry as a Partner.  From his work as an instructor and professor Larry has educated students on the principles of project management, logistics, computer science, statistics, operations research and leadership.  Through his instruction Larry is able to clearly communicate the basics as well as advanced supply chain and demand planning techniques for any industry.  Even after retirement from the US Army Reserves, Larry continues to volunteer as an adjunct faculty member of the US Army Command and General Staff College for effective written communications.

On the business side Larry has provided solutions for a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, high-tech, consumer products, medical device, transportation, petro-chemical, agri-chemical, and the federal government.  This diverse industry experience gives Larry a unique perspective to supply chain challenges.  A lesson learned in one industry can then be applied to others if the solution fits.

Larry is a Registered Professional Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt and recently co-authored a book on aviation with his father and son. He enjoys watching movies from the 1950s and 1960s and works sporadically in developing the world’s best chocolate chip cookie recipe.

The strength that Larry brings to the TMG team comes from strong project management and leadership knowledge as well as a strong logistics and mathematics background.

Herb Shields

Herb ShieldsWhen it comes to industry experience it is hard to compare to Herb.  The 30+ years business experience from Herb includes industries such as capital equipment, automotive, electrical machinery, rail equipment, cosmetics, personal care, food and consumer products.  Herb is strong in the areas of purchasing, inventory management, customer service, manufacturing, distribution, and overall business operations.

Procurement and inventory management can be a particularly challenging area because there are so many variables involved.  Herb is able to evaluate all of the different variables including product mix, suppliers, agreements and customer expectations.  Through Herb’s analysis he is able to apply his experience to find cost savings opportunities, quality improvement options, and efficiency improvements for TMG customers.

Working with customers to find cost savings is Herb’s specialty.  From reducing the cost of purchased materials and services, improving inventory turns, or enhancing customer capabilities through customized training Herb is able to collaborate with customers to find added value and reduced expenses.

As a TMG Associate Partner, Herb is able to apply his strong business background along with training skills to implement robust warehouse and transportation management solutions for customers.

Tom Fischbach

Tom FischbachAn Associate Partner of TMG specializes in business solutions for logistics, transportation and distribution.  Tom has worked at the detail level in business areas such as pricing, costing, negotiations (we’re not sure if there is anybody better), operations and management.  With Tom’s acute insight customers can realize tremendous benefits with transportation and logistics solutions.  Tom’s approach is to identify unnecessary spending and cost savings opportunities as well as find methods to operate more efficiency while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and service.

Tom understands how transportation affects overall supply chain performance and the role it plays in the logistics and distribution industries.  Understanding the interaction between transportation and distribution gives Tom a key advantage to solving the most challenging supply chain problems.

Tom continues to participate in organizations such as the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, Association of Transportation Law, Logistics and Policy, the Transportation Club of Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Delta Nu Alpha Transportation Fraternity.  This participation keeps Tom on top of emerging trends and technologies that can be helpful for TMG customers.

Tom is most definitely a family man, spending time with his two daughters and his new Grand-daughter. Whatever time is left, he spends time on the golf course.

Tom’s transportation and logistics knowledge along with attention to detail enriches the TMG team’s capabilities.