27Sep 2012
Transportation Providers - Ways to Build Bridges Blog Post

Like so many other businesses, the trucking and carrier industries have fallen victim to difficult economic times.  The reluctance of banks to extend loans coupled with rising fuel expenses and increased service demand from customers has backed many transportation providers into a corner.  Over the last several years we have seen the results with transportation […]

15Oct 2012
Insane Gas Prices

Trucking companies continue to feel the pressure of a struggling economy.  As trucking costs continue to rise, the entire supply chain will feel the effect.  Some of the large transport providers will be able to absorb some of the costs, while the small and medium size fleets will have no choice but to pass these […]

26Oct 2012
reduce freight costs

A lot of focus is paid to outbound freight and shipping costs.  But behind the scenes lurks the hidden expense of inbound freight.  While incoming shipments and costs associated may seem like a benign event when compared to outbound shipments, actually the impact of inbound freight cost to your profitability can be just as detrimental. […]

13Nov 2012
warehouse robots

Is your company about to be beaten by robotic competitors?  Even the greatest and most efficient warehouse operation could be in jeopardy today – because of Kiva. Traditional warehouse operations are designed to direct warehouse workers to product and allow easy picking, packing and shipping of products.  A network of shelving and conveyors help the […]

27Nov 2012
distribution network

According to a recent New York Times article the index of manufacturing activity fell to 49.6 in August 2012 – a three year low. This is never a good sign for manufacturing or distribution.  In the world of distribution, this indicator happens when it is almost too late to react. Are there better indicators to […]

05Dec 2012

The e-commerce train has left the station – are you on track or stuck behind because you can’t afford the ticket? It is almost a given today that in order to thrive in this economy you must have an e-commerce supply chain up and running.  The majority of businesses have some type of e-commerce supply […]