12Dec 2012
Fuel Surcharges

Fuel surcharges could be eroding your profits – how can you tell if they are? When gas and diesel fuel prices are volatile, a very common practice for transportation and shipping providers is to apply fuel surcharges to their normal fee structures.  In theory, these surcharges would diminish and eventually vanish once fuel prices stabilize.  […]

27Dec 2012

Your 3PL could be hiding something. Partnering with third party logistics providers (3PLs) can have several benefits.  First and foremost a 3PL partnership will allow you to scale quickly at a relatively reasonable cost.  But behind the scenes there are hidden issues that 3PLs may not be as eager to share when they negotiate their […]

16Jan 2013
voice picking systems

What is the picking accuracy at your operation?  If it is less than 99%, perhaps it is time to seriously consider voice picking. While more improved bin location mapping and barcode scanning have helped many warehousing operations to boost their order pick accuracy, there is still a great deal of room for improvement.  Errors continue […]

23Jan 2013
Intermodal shipping

Truckload shipments for 10% to 15% less than your current freight expense? Yes, you can! There was a time when intermodal shipping would be quickly dismissed as an archaic form of freight transportation. The dependability of carriers was questionable, lead times were unacceptable, and the costs did not justify intermodal options because over the road […]

30Jan 2013

What if you paid 18% less to keep your fleet running?  It can happen! Compressed Natural Gas, or more commonly called CNG, is one type of “green” initiative that fleets can consider as an alternative to traditional diesel powered engines.  Not only is CNG considered an environmentally friendly move compared to diesel, it can also […]

12Feb 2013
supply chain collaboration

Can you really expect increased value by improving supplier collaboration?  Absolutely. It seems that businesses tend to fall on one side of the supplier relationship spectrum or the other.  Many businesses have almost an adversarial relationship with their suppliers.  Every transaction is questioned, scrutinized, and re-negotiated because there is little to no trust that the […]