19Feb 2013
inventory shrinkage

How bad is your inventory shrinkage?  If it is greater than 0.46% it is time to take action.  According to a study from theWarehousing Education and Research Council the median metric for shrinkage is 0.2% while best in class is less than 0.005% based on a percent of total inventory. One of the biggest supply chain concerns is […]

26Feb 2013
consumer issues in retail

As a manufacturer or distributor, should you be concerned about the retail consumer in your supply chain?  Without a doubt! The impact of the end-user or consumer can reverberate throughout the entire supply chain.  Of course the end-user will affect demand, but that is not the only variable that can be impacted. Whether your company is retail, […]

19Mar 2013

Should air freight be a part of your routine shipment options? At one time air freight was considered a last (and most expensive) resort when products had to be delivered quickly. Today, that may not always be the case. There are advantages and disadvantages in utilizing air cargo freight.  Transportation managers and business executives should look closely at […]

26Mar 2013
inventory issues

Are you throwing profits away with your inventory? Unfortunately too many businesses fall into some inventory management issues and they can have a lot of difficulty in resolving them.  These challenges can sneak up on a business slowly, or it can hit a company like a freight truck against a loading dock.  These challenges can eat away […]

13May 2013
supply chain skills

Your business is growing and your trading partners are expanding.  This is a great problem to have for today’s businesses.  But is your management team ready to meet these challenges?  Is it time to take a close look at the personnel that are integral to your supply chain and determine if they have the right […]

27Aug 2013
on board computers trucks

You know the technology is out there! Why aren’t you using on board computers in your trucks? Research by American Shipper,  Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) shows transportation spending increased in 2012 and is continuing to rise. Despite this, numbers have still not recovered from the fall […]