TMG Pricing Options: Fee or Value Based

TMG Pricing Options: Fee or value based are focused on customer ROIThe TMG pricing is service-based and modeled based on the results that you will achieve.  If you have transportation spend that is $1 million annually or more, TMG can help.  Through our approach, TMG is confident that cost improvement opportunities will be found that will save your business a substantial amount in expense and provide more than adequate return on investment from the TMG pricing initiative.

Whether you choose the TMG pricing professional fee option or the value based option, your results from TMG will meet or exceed your expectations.

The TMG pricing will include:

  • Opportunity assessments – from transportation volume to warehouse optimization and more, TMG will evaluate your business opportunities with targeted initiatives for
    • Transportation
    • Warehouse
    • Technology
    • Fleet
    • Outsourcing
    • End to end supply chain performance
  • Implementation – TMG will work with you to determine your best opportunities and then execute the plan using their proven methodology.  Implementation encompasses
    • A time and materials based option or a fixed fee
    • Discount options available for upfront commitments from clients for the implementation phase
    • Hands-on active management of the project to insure success
  • Transportation Procurement – careful evaluation of your current transportation practices, industry best practice comparisons and benchmarks, negotiation options and solid cost savings identification are included in the TMG pricing for your procurement and provider reviews.
    • Flat fee option
    • Profit share option
    • Both with guaranteed results

TMG is confident that there are cost savings opportunities available for your business.  Major companies such as Wal-Mart, Proctor & Gamble, BP and others have seen anywhere from 11% to as much as 19% improvements when implementing similar initiatives.

There are hidden expenses and oversights within your business that are waiting to be discovered.  Isn’t it time to uncover tangible cost savings while also boosting your overall business productivity and efficiency?  From freight transportation to warehousing operations and the entire supply chain, every chance to save time or reduce expense will benefit the entire enterprise.

TMG has the know-how to research and identify your cost savings opportunities.  Their industry knowledge coupled with expert skills in systems and process improvements will get you the results you need.  For the best value and return on investment, TMG is your choice.