Keep 100% of Your Fleet Operating with TMG’s Fleet Management Services

fleet management servicesPicture your entire fleet in a parking lot.  How many of those parking spots should be empty because the vehicle is assigned with scheduled work?  The answer should be that the parking lot should be completely empty.

Unfortunately, with fleet management operations this is not always the case.  Vehicles need maintenance, there could be staffing issues, or there is simply not enough work to keep all of the vehicles busy.

Fleet managers know that a parked vehicle is money lost.  They understand that all vehicles need to stay on the road and operating in order for the business to maintain an acceptable level of profit.  But obstacles inevitably occur, and they must be overcome quickly and effectively.

A Comprehensive Fleet Management Solution

Fleet management services should help managers and executives to not only keep track of vehicle maintenance, but also have the primary goal of keeping vehicles on the road in order to meet business goals.  A comprehensive fleet management services solution will include these features:

  • Complete evaluation of current vehicle utilization – this will help to identify underutilized vehicles and find opportunities to reduce vehicle count.
  • High visibility at all levels – understanding your overall fleet and labor effectiveness is integral to making the right management decisions.  This includes knowing the percent of direct and indirect productivity through ongoing measurements and analysis reports.
  • Operational efficiency – by examining all of the scheduling, dispatch, maintenance and other processes involved, fleet management services can find opportunities to increase turnaround and get the vehicles back on the road as well as reduce overall mileage and fuel costs.
  • Customer satisfaction – by focusing on your customers and their expectations, fleets can identify key areas for improvement and set systems in place to increase delivery goals to meet customer needs.

TMG has extensive experience in fleet management services and can help your operations to overcome their challenges.  The methodology that TMG utilizes combines industry benchmarks and metrics with proven technology to keep your entire fleet operating at peak efficiency.

By deploying key performance metrics based on industry benchmarks, TMG can leverage fleet management systems and technologies for vehicle tracking, predictive maintenance, lifecycle management, procurement or leasing, routing and scheduling.  Plus, TMG establishes a comprehensive management and reporting system to insure objectives are met and tracked routinely.

Getting Fleet Management Done Right

With the right fleet management system in place, your business can reduce operating costs, improve customer satisfaction, and keep your vehicles on the road and generating revenue.  Contact TMG for more information on their fleet management services to help your business stay on the road.