Discover how to Improve Operations with a Fleet Maintenance Assessment

fleet maintenanceFACT:  no one knows your fleet maintenance operations better than your fleet managers.

The fleet manager handles the day in, day out challenges that hit on a regular basis.  The fleet manager has to juggle many responsibilities while always keeping in mind that the vehicles must be on the road and moving to get the job done.

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees.  An old southern saying is “it’s hard to drain the swamp when you’re up to your knees in alligators.”  This is too true for the hard working fleet manager.  While fighting all of the daily battles, staying focused on the big picture can be challenging.

The Big Picture:  Is Your Fleet Optimized for Your Business?  Manager versus Executive

Executives need to make sure their operating costs are kept at a reasonable level without compromising quality.  Fleet managers need systems and processes in place that will provide “street level” insight and quick solutions to their specific processes to meet demands.  Sometimes these two needs conflict – which is the priority?

  • Do we cut the number of spares in our fleet?  How does that affect maintenance costs or vehicle down time?
  • Are service schedules colliding with maintenance schedules?  Or should we reduce our routine maintenance schedule?
  • Are we maximizing fuel efficiency?  How much effort should we put into route planning or load efficiency?  Are there automated tools available?
  • When do we retire vehicles?  Should we lease, purchase, or outsource?  How does this affect expenses?
  • Do we know how to grade our overall fleet efficiency against industry best practices?
  • Are the right fleet management systems in place for our specific business, or have we outgrown our old processes?  Can we afford to replace the systems?

No Conflict Needed – Consider an Assessment from TMG Instead

The TMG assessment can work with your fleet manager to evaluate your operations and develop a strategic plan to boost your overall fleet operations productivity levels.  The assessment will include:

  • Review of all operations including fleet maintenance and schedules
  • Predictive versus preventative maintenance practices
  • Asset up-time
  • Breakdown processes
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Alignment with business goals and objectives
  • Comparison to industry benchmarks and best practices
  • Operating costs and areas for expense reduction
  • Certifications and training opportunities

With over 35 years of experience in the fleet maintenance and operations, TMG has the knowledge and skills to help your fleet to meet current business needs and be prepared for future challenges.  Fleet managers need help to get the job done.  Executives need help to manage operating expenses.  TMG’s assessment will achieve both.

To find out more information, take the assessment test and contact TMG to schedule a discussion tailored to your business.