How to Choose the Best Transportation Management System Software

transportation management systemAnother request from finance for more information about transportation expenses just arrived.  They want to know why expenses continue to rise on the P&L statements for this category.  They are right – expenses are going up.  It is probably because of fuel costs increasing.

Or is it?

With the right transportation management system software in place, your managers can drill down and determine the root cause of any cost increases plus much more.

A TMS Can Do More than Just Track Freight Costs

A transportation management system (TMS) can provide many services to the users and managers.  The TMS may include these capabilities:

  • Insure carrier compliance based on the service level agreements in place
  • Track shipments and the associated costs
  • Monitor supply chain efficiency
  • Organize shipments for best load capacity and efficiency
  • Route planning and monitoring
  • Transportation asset management and maintenance scheduling
  • Quality tracking and analysis
  • Regulatory compliance confirmations
  • Documentation management at the package and shipment level
  • Schedule management of both inbound and outbound shipments
  • Calculate fees and surcharges
  • Transmit shipment information to third party providers or customers
  • Integrate with ERP, inventory and order management systems

Cost is Not the Only Factor for TMS

Unfortunately, all TMS’s are not equal.  Each software provider has different features and approaches to transportation management systems and how they should operate in a logistics environment.  Some may be highly flexible and configurable, but they may lack the industry specific expertise to take full advantage of best practices.  Others may be so rigid that there is no opportunity to conform to your unique business rules.

For almost any size of logistics operation, a transportation management system is a good investment, as long as it adds the right value to the company.  Typical TMS installations can last as long as 10 years, so it is important to make the right decision.  Because there is so much variability with the software providers, choosing the right TMS can be a daunting task.

TMG is Your TMS Advisor

For decades, TMG has lived and breathed in the transportation and logistics industries.  The transportation management system consulting services from TMG give you a distinct advantage. With extensive industry expertise along with hands-on knowledge of TMS software capabilities, the professionals at TMG can cipher and dissect all of your options to provide an unbiased and useful recommendation.

As part of the TMS consulting services, TMG will:

  • Assess your current and future needs
  • Leverage industry best practices, key performance metrics and benchmarks
  • Build an RFP based around your specific business requirements
  • Facilitate the TMS negotiation and decision process
  • Work throughout the implementation and beyond to insure success

Before your phone rings again with another request from finance, download the white paper for more information and contact TMG to discuss an unbiased and objective solution for your business.