How to Choose the Best Warehouse Management Systems Software for your Business

There’s another knock at your door or your phone rings again.  The next warehouse management systems vendor is here to make their pitch.  Each vendor seems to take a different approach and offers different options – what is the right avenue to take?  Some of the salespeople seem to be better than others, but does that accurately reflect the software company?

The Challenge

Many warehouse management systems are available on the market today.  Some are tailored for small and medium businesses; others are for large enterprise operations.  Some may have cutting edge technology and gadgets that appear to help productivity, others taught their many years in business and how their system has been proven for decades.  But do any of these choices make sense for your specific operation?

Business leaders can be challenged when faced with a delude of warehouse management systems to choose for their operation:

  • There is not enough time to thoroughly research every option (many often pick two or three randomly to speak with)
  • Some may have a handful of questions such as how much money and can this specific task be performed, but are those all of the issues that should be addressed?
  • The constant barrage of calls and sales courting rituals can become very tiresome.
  • Salespeople can be very charming – making sure there is an unbiased decision that will support the company is challenging.

Determining the correct warehouse management system is a crucial decision.  The systems require a great deal of commitment to set up and properly configure, and the software will play an integral role in your company’s productivity, quality and customer satisfaction for years to come.

How TMG Can Help

TMG offers neutral warehouse management systems evaluations that will help you to make the right choice for your unique business requirements.  As part of our services, TMG can provide:

  • An assessment of your current warehouse operations and systems with current performance metrics
  • Review of existing industry best practices to be used for benchmarks
  • Unbiased analysis of all available options – not just a few
  • A specific punch list of requirements based on your current and future business needs
  • A comprehensive evaluation that includes issues such as integration to ERP’s, IT infrastructure, warehouse layout and configuration requirements, training, ongoing support and more

Your investment in a warehouse management system should be expected to last for as much as ten years.  It is important that the right solution is chosen for the health and well-being of your company.  TMG understands this importance and will work with you to weed through your options and select from available warehouse management systems the right solution.  For more information review this white paper or contact TMG today.