Realize up to 32% in Cost Savings with TMG Warehouse Consulting

Warehouse ConsultingWarehousing is the single most expensive asset in the supply chain and plays a key role on how to properly stage products, prepare for packaging, or direct sales to consumers.  The type of products stored should determine your warehouse configuration, along with several other variables:

  • Pick frequency
  • Minimum or maximum stock requirements
  • Packaging or shipping requirements
  • Perishable or non-perishable item management
  • Combined shipments or component assemblies
  • Space allocation
  • Replenishment schedules
  • Equipment requirements (forklifts, pickers, conveyors, etc.)
  • Warehouse management system capabilities

Warehouse consulting services can help you to determine the optimal systems, setup and design for your distribution network.  Depending on your particular supply chain, your warehouse layout and the tools used to manage your warehouse could vary greatly.  For example, a warehouse that handles engine parts may not be as particular about packaging as a warehouse that specializes in medical supplies.

The processes that are used can be very different depending on the specific business needs.  Typical pick-pack-ship warehouses may not always work for every situation.  Plus, there are some ready made solutions that could help to improve warehouse operations in many industries.  Warehouse consulting services can help you to evaluate these solutions to determine if they apply to your business.  Some of these solutions include:

  • Transportation management systems are converging with warehouse management systems to take full advantage of freight savings opportunities and truck space utilization.  Integration to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is now very common.
  • Mobile devices, in-line scanners and voice recognition software have helped to improve productivity, quality and efficiency in many warehousing processes.
  • While RFID is used in some warehouse environments such as for consumer electronics and small appliances, this technology may not be applicable or needed in all situations.
  • Cloud based services are continuing to become viable for warehousing operations, and is now tracking to be the new low cost solution for some businesses.
  • Labor management is always a concern.  There are ways to leverage warehouse management technology to improve productivity, maintain quality standards, and avoid adding head count.
  • Inventory management involves intricate analysis of product mix, customer service expectations and inventory turns.  Solutions should apply business intelligence algorithms to optimize stocking and space utilization.

The warehouse consulting services from TMG can work directly with warehouse and transportation managers to evaluate existing processes and recommend adjustments where appropriate.  The TMG warehouse consulting team will first look at the overall business goals and ensure that the processes align with those goals.  TMG has the ability to find cost saving opportunities that can reduce expenses anywhere from 10 to 32 percent.  For warehousing operations, these savings can make a significant impact in overall supply chain profitability.  Contact TMG for more information about their warehouse consulting services.