supply chain skillsYour business is growing and your trading partners are expanding.  This is a great problem to have for today’s businesses.  But is your management team ready to meet these challenges?  Is it time to take a close look at the personnel that are integral to your supply chain and determine if they have the right skills to take your business to the next level of performance?

It may not be time to replace every manager, but it could be time to look at the skills that you have in your staff and look for ways to augment or enhance those skills.  The following are some key “skill types” that can help the performance of your supply chain.  Look for these levels of supply chain expertise in your existing staff and find ways to improve or add in order to achieve success:

The Analyst – do you have a person or team on staff that can take a hard look at your entire supply chain and analyze performance?  Can this person dive into your existing systems and generate reports on throughput as well as expenses compared to revenue and profit?

The Opportunist – every business needs a manager who can point out areas for improvement or opportunities to grow the company.  This person could be in operations or in sales but has an innate ability to see a chance to make things better.

The Skeptic – it is important to have someone who will question the norm.  This person may have doubts about the metrics that are used or inquire about why a particular process has always been in place. Israel  This level of constructive criticism can help overall business improvements.

The Knowledge Center – having someone available who has “been there, done that” can help you to implement improvements quickly and get fast results.  Having a source to help you review industry best practices as well as investigate new technologies can be an invaluable part of your supply chain expertise arsenal.

If you find some areas where you could improve your supply chain expertise, you do not always have to hire staff.  Instead consider working with a partner that can fill in any skill sets to help your business.  Working with a knowledgeable partner has advantages over hiring full time staff.  You can structure an agreement based around goal achievements up-front to make sure you get appropriate return on investment.  You can often get a higher caliber of supply chain expertise from a business partner.  Also you can expect faster results from a partner who may have a reduced learning curve because of the level of supply chain expertise.

Whether you decide to hire, train existing staff, or partner with a supply chain expert, carefully consider the skills needed to take your supply chain to new levels of efficiency and profitability.

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  1. This article is exactly the inspiration I need to enhance performance, productivity and compliance in my organisation. As Head of Compliance, Its very hard convincing management to see the benefits of access internal processes, procedures and manual. I will use the suggestions mention to implement in my organisation.


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