Transportation Management Group – Planning and Delivery

A Revolution in Route Planning and Delivery

Online Juggernauts are Approaching

The biggest innovators in route planning and delivery aren’t national carriers or even brick-and mortar retailers, they are digital entities like Google and Amazon. Armed with best-in-class cloud infrastructures and peerless data analytics, these companies are scaling up and bringing new technologies into the logistics industry.  With drone delivery and autonomous vehicles on the horizon are your planning and delivery processes optimized to compete?

Delivery Challenges are Changing

The majority of modern customers expect rapid delivery. Over 50% indicate that they would abandon a long-term retail partner if goods were received later than expected on more than one occasion.  With the sheer volume of competitors now on the market, are you really prepared to trust your order fulfillment to manual calculations and human error?

Prescriptive Analytics Can Show You the Way to Efficiency

It’s easy to translate metrics into pie charts and graphs, but these visual frameworks aren’t changing driver behavior or reducing accidents and delivery errors. Your operational staff doesn’t just need to know what they’re doing wrong; they need to know how they can fix these issues moving forward.

Prescriptive analytics platforms can collect all your fleet’s data and use it to deliver actionable insights and recommendations that actually improve your route planning and delivery systems.

Do You Have the Infrastructure To Effectively Employ Big Data?

The Internet of Things brings together real-time data from sensor-equipped fleets, providing information about weather, traffic patterns, and cargo movements. But all of this data is useless if you don’t have optimized processes and focused expertise to effectively utilize it.

At Transportation Management Group Our Command of Industry-Leading Technology Makes Your Business Better.

A Bird’s Eye View

Before your fleet ever hits the road you can remain fully aware of where they’re commencing their journey from, which roads they need to be travelling and where their routes should leave them at the end of the day. Our route planning solutions allow you to maximize deliveries and minimize bottle-necks for each of your vehicles, in minutes.

Real-Time Decision Making

The best route at 5 AM in the morning may not be the best route for 6 PM in the evening. Our planning and delivery solutions utilize a wide range of up-to-date mobile data to track fleet movements and conditions across a variety of geographic locations. These insights can also be used to anticipate developing weather concerns and traffic situations in these areas.

With this data in hand you can optimize route planning, and find communicate the best alternatives to your fleet instantly.

New Efficiency

The range of data provided by our solutions gives you the tools to optimize every aspect of your delivery process. We can help you: track idle drivers, locate underserved service areas, identify the quickest routes based on the time of day, and even minimize fuel-intensive turns during the delivery. Our in-depth metrics and reports cover every route, every vehicle and every driver.

Stronger Customer Relationships

Ultimately, the ability to optimize your route planning will mean speedier, more accurate deliveries, which inevitably translates into higher customer retention and a stronger market reputation.