Transportation Management Group – Real Time Dispatch

A Proactive Approach to Fleet Management

While optimizing your strategic and tactical planning might create the right environment for transport optimization, effective execution depends entirely on your ability to coordinate and control the activities of your frontline staff and drivers.  Our real-time dispatch solutions give you the instant oversight you need to organize variables across your logistics network.

Seamless Integration

From ERP to WMS, we find and implement real-time dispatch solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing order management systems. From there, orders are placed into relevant queues based on existing route planning and delivery scheduling; these adjustments are then communicated to your drivers in real-time through communication tools that alert your driver about any changes to their routes.

Better Oversight

With the help of GPS tracking tools and exception management tools we can provide you with real-time visibility of your service team across all locations, regardless of whether they’re currently in transit or not. This smart technology gives you the ability to assign new tasks to your driver, and then track their completion status at all times. Our systems can enable you to accurately communicate order statuses to your customers at all stages, from order placement to last-minute fulfillment.

These monitoring capabilities will also increase accountability, as drivers will be aware that any unnecessary stops or lapses in protocol will be communicated to their managers in real-time.

Facilitates Operations

The insights provided by real-time dispatch solutions aren’t just restricted to fleet managers. Your drivers can be equipped with comprehensive route plans as well. With these tools, you can help drivers:

  • View all daily drop-offs, and add new stops based on changing circumstances.
  • Be aware of any additional assignments or orders as and when they happen.
  • Communicate order status in real-time.
  • Understand any special instructions for specific drop-offs based on client requirements.

Proof of Delivery

Confirm drop-offs through electronic signatures that are communicated to central systems in real-time. Customers can also complete forms to confirm package condition, and validate the accuracy of goods delivered.