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The Transportation Management Solutions You Need

Whether you’re a national retailer or a local carrier, your objectives remain the same, to move freight from origin to destination in the quickest time, at the lowest cost on a consistent basis. Indeed, with the diminishing margins logistics operations are facing today, your company has little choice but to deploy its vehicles at maximum efficiency.

Unfortunately That Goal is Rarely Achieved.

  • You organize routes for a diverse array of shipments. From heavy equipment, to fragile items, perishables, and multi-item parcels.
  • You deliver across a variety of routes. From scheduled delivery centers to single or multi-drop locations, in both urban and rural environments.
  • You have to deal with a wide variety of constraints. From tight delivery timings, to deadlines, volume quotas, capacity restrictions, driver shortages, transition times, weather conditions, and traffic.
  • In addition to these concerns rising fuel costs and limited resources are always a concern.

We Provide Intelligence That Translates To Real Savings

At Transportation Management Group we specialize in identifying and implementing the right technology for your logistics processes. With years of proven experience under our belt, you can rely on our services to deliver optimal transportation management solutions that suit the particular requirements of your organization.

Why Now?

Over the past decade data-driven analytics and planning automation has completely revolutionized the way transport systems are managed.

Our wide-ranging experience in digitally-enabled transport planning, scheduling and execution gives us the ability to find the software solutions and applications you need. Our transportation management solution:

  • Require minimal investment.
  • Deploy quickly.
  • Are less resource-intensive
  • Easy to scale alongside your operations.
  • Provide real-time visibility across transportation networks.
  • Facilitate closer communication with logistics partners.
  • Allow you more flexibility to focus on strategic initiatives over day-to-day operations.
  • Create documented ROI and cost savings.
  • 24/7 accessibility, from any location.

Solutions That Offer

  • In-Transit Shipment Tracking
  • Tracking Driver Hours
  • Automated Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Updated Vehicle Inspection Reports
  • Real-Time Reporting and Data Inputs
  • Easy Integration with Legacy Systems
  • Fast, Flexible Route Adjustments
  • Predictive Fleet Management Analytics
  • Automatically Notify All Partners across the Network
  • End-to-End Data Encryption and a Focus on Data Security
  • End-to-End Data Encryption and a Focus on Data Security